Fox well

After being shut down for close to a month, a popular well north of Fairbanks near Fox, finally was opened back up to the public this morning.

The well was originally drilled in 1980, and up until October had been functioning without any problems.

But the well which provides water to many people living in the area without running water, ran dry.

The Alaska State Department of Transportation was forced to close the well.

After a period of investigation, and a number of procedures, the problem was fixed and the well is once again open to the public. Hannah Blankenship with the State of Alaska Department of Transportation says the repairs took a while.

"So over the past week or so, crews have been working to redevelop the Fox well.

This means that they've been forcing pressurized air down in around the pump, so they have been able to clear away debris around the pump and the well.

And they've been able to suck back up into the pump and re-establish the flow."