Fowlkes' family members speak out amidst allegations of sexual abuse

After allegations of Sexual Abuse of a Fairbanks North Star Borough School District teen, the family members of Claude Fowlkes are speaking out on his behalf.
The alleged abuse has led to 7 charges of Sexual abuse in the first degree and the Chief Administrator of the School District being placed on administrative leave during an investigation of the case.
Members of the Fowlkes family are speaking out amidst serious allegations of sexual abuse.
Claude Fowlkes was indicted nearly a month ago, charged with sexually abusing a 15-year-old male student, allegations that his family says, are unfounded.
His Aunt, Pamela Santos spoke to the Newscenter and said, “this is destroying not just his life, it’s destroying our families life.”
She further said, the lack of evidence released by the state at this point, it is unfair for Fowlkes to remain in jail with no bail.
Fowlkes was appointed a Public Defender and part of the proceedings this afternoon were to release a vehicle that belonged to his aunt that was impounded nearly a month ago by Alaska State Troopers as evidence.
Santos says it has accumulated fees in impounding by Troopers.
She said the hardest thing thus far has been the judgment placed upon the family amidst what she says is a case with “no evidence.”