Fort Wainwright soldiers train for climb

Soldiers from the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team at Fort Wainwright, have been training for their upcoming attempt to climb Mount McKinley.

the soldiers headed into their backyard and practiced climbing in places like Rainbow Ridge and Castner Glacier in the Alaska Range.

Captain Samuel Palmer of U. S. Army Alaska said "We got 9 guys we rope up into three teams of three, to protect ourselves from crevasse falls, well camp up on the glacier and we'll have to haul our gear over the pass from Mcowan to rainbow."
The team of climbers consists of two instructors from the U.S. Army Alaska Northern Warfare Training Center and seven Soldiers from the Stryker brigade with varying degrees of climbing experience.

While the team's non-commissioned officer in charge has climbed the mountain, another member of the team had no climbing experience.

The climbing team is expected to spend two to three weeks ascending the 20 thousand,322 foot West Buttress route of the mountain.