Fort Wainwright Soldiers speak out about the lifted ban that will allow women on the front lines

Yesterday the United States Army announced that it would lift the ban that, for years, restricted women who wanted to serve on the front lines of combat.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta today lifted the ban saying it was quote, "the responsibility of every citizen to protect the nation."

The Secretary stood behind the decision saying that this lift on the ban would not compromise the military's readiness, nor would it lower the standards for physical fitness of soldiers serving.

Female soldiers at Fort Wainwright were happy to hear the decision.

Ssgt. Whitney Sancrant said about the news, "I think it's just the same as in the civilian world, you are expected to do your job just as good as everybody else regardless of your gender, you know some people look down and say a female can't do this and a female can't do that, but we prove them wrong every day."