Fort Wainwright "Listening Session" held last evening

Last evening Residents gathered for a Listening Session held by U.S. Army Officials.

The topic was the massive force structure reduction that could possibly affect Fort Wainwright.

By the year 2017 the Army plans to reduce at least 8 brigade combat teams, decreasing the Army by nearly 80 thousand soldiers.

The Community was out in full support of Ft Wainwright last evening during the sessions. Many of the comments had the same theme, at least here for the Interior.

Mayor Bryce Ward said, “We definitely don’t want to see them reduce their forces, we are interested in seeing more.”

With the reduction plan beginning in 2013 the Military Value Analysis of training, power protection, well-being, geographic distribution, and mission expansion are the main deciding factors that U.S. Army Officials will use. However, if a reduction is seen in the Interior at Ft Wainwright, many spoke of the hurt it will cause not only the economy but the community.

Representative Tammie Wilson said, “It would be huge, it’s not just about the soldiers that are currently here, it’s the ones who retire because they come back. They go to our Universities, you don’t realize it’s not just the soldiers you see, and it’s the ones who have served many years.”

Ltc. Rick Montandon is touring Military Installations listening to the sessions and will be bringing the information back to the key decision makers. He stated, “Every Installation feels that their community is better than anyone else’s but the real factors that play really more is really the key strategic placement, which the Army has already recognized.”