Fort Wainwright celebrates special Birthday

Celebrations were held on Fort Wainwright this afternoon for a very special birthday.

United States Aviation became the 15th branch of the Army on this day 30 years ago.

All of U.S. Army Alaska Aviation Task Force was there to listen to the speakers and celebrate the day it became a branch.

Guest Speaker and Retired Colonel Dean Owen took the aviators and key members of aviation through the history of flight through the World Wars to Vietnam to the Iraq and Afghan war.

He spoke of the transformation that aviation has undergone in the last 30 years and that aviation has become a staple branch to the military since this day and before it.

Also in attendance was 94 year-old Retired Captain Urban Rahoi who flew in World War II before moving to Fairbanks Alaska.

Rahoi said to the Newscenter, "I can remember back when the helicopters started, because I am that old! So we figured it out and it progressed and we realized how valuable it was, the possibilities of it and then it progressed up. And you get these engineers that figure out good angle and build good machinery."