Former Fairbanks resident living in the midst of East Coast terrorist situation.

When former Fairbanks resident Lauren (Zenger) Jackson moved from the Interior of Alaska to a Massachussetts suburb near Boston in 2012, she couldn't have known then

that a year later, the eyes of the world would be upon her and her neighbors living nearby.

Beginning late Thursday and going all day through Friday, Jackson, instead of embarking on her usual routine, rest, work, spending time with her husband, spent

that time locked in her home, just like close to a million other people living in and around the Boston area as law enforcement conducted a feverish manhunt for two suspected bombers

who first struck last Monday during the Boston Marathon, and who were now on the run in the tiny suburb of Watertown near where Jackson lives.

Jackson, a 2006 graduate of Lathrop High School, and former UAF student, spoke early Friday, via telephone, with News Center 11 about the ordeal.

"I really wasn't prepared to deal with this," said Jackson. "Growing up in Fairbanks, it has its crime, but nothing like this. The police have ordered that we can't go

anywhere. I'm locked in my house. And there's a madman loose somewhere close by. It's pretty terrifying, I'm definitely not in Fairbanks anymore."