FNSB dealing with ramifications of "Yes" vote on Prop 3

The future of the Fairbanks North Star Borough's wood stove change out program and their stove removal program is on shaky ground now that Interior voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 3 at this month's Municipal election.

Mayor Luke Hopkins says there's several requirements in the program that are intended to make sure there's less air pollution from the new stoves.
But those requirements are now not valid with the passage of the proposition.
The removal program provides a cash incentive for residents to remove their non–certified stoves so long as they do not install a solid fuel burning device for ten years.
Likewise, the replacement program stipulates voluntary participants cannot replace their stove with a non EPA certified stove beyond a specific date, per Borough code.
Once language of Prop 3 is adopted and certified on October 25th, those provisions of Borough code will be removed.
Borough officials say funding for the programs comes from a 3 million dollar grant from the State Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development.
Utilization of the money is under strict, specific guidelines.
Residents wishing to participate in the wood stove removal program will need to apply by October 19th – that's this Friday — to allow staff to process the application.
The Borough has placed an inquiry to the State for interpretation of the grant language and to ask if it is appropriate to continue spending money on the programs.
An answer isn't expected for a few weeks.