FNSB Assembly pulls early weekend duty on budgetary issues.

It was early morning weekend duty for the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly's Finance Committee, as the governmental body got back to work Saturday morning

on the borough's proposed 159 million dollars budget.

As many would expect, the monumental issue of education funding figured large in today's proceedings, as school officials are hoping the borough comes through in the face

of possible layoffs.

School superintendent Pete Lewis says more tough times have been added to the mix as well.

"We're looking at having to make some pretty severe cuts," Lewis said Saturday.

"We're still going to have to cut approximately 2.7 million dollars out of our budget, because of what we had anticipated coming from the State, but that didn't materialize even

with this. We're very concerned about that."

And while today's actions were not the only time the Assembly is getting together on budgetary issues, school funding isn't the only hot subject they're taking up.

Diane Hutchison, the Assembly's Presiding Officer detailed a long list, that includes the borough's healthcare.

"I'm actually offering an amendment to cut the healthcare costs in this budget," said Hutchison. "It doesn't affect the calculation, but its the way we calculate it and it will be

almost a 700 thousand dollar amount in the budget that will help reduce the mil rate to the tax payer."

More budgetary meetings involving the borough are slated for next week.