Flot's "Willy Wonka" a 'sweet' show

Who can take a sunrise?

Sprinkle it with goo... Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two? FLOT can!

A world of pure imagination is what those with Fairbanks Light Opera Theater had in mind when crafting the show, "Willy Wonka." And the team has really pulled that off. The show has received praise from audience members and you are sure to be catapulted into Wonka-land when the curtains open.

Willy Wonka himself, played by Skylar Pettit says he puts a unique twist on the character based on how he views the character from his childhood.

He says he added some quirks that are unique to what he feels Wonka is like from the original novel.

But, the show is based on a special little boy, “Charlie” played by 5th grader, Grace Osborne.

Grace brings fun to the stage and her cast mates say she is always reminding them of their lines, as well as her own.

And as for playing a boy, Grace says, it’s fun!

“Willy Wonka” will be playing this weekend at Hering Auditorium.