Flooding problems continue.

Residents of Galena have begun repairing their homes damaged by last week's ice jam on the Yukon River, however their efforts are putting them at risk.

State Emergency Officials have not assessed the town for damages, but have urged residents not to return until power can be restored.

Food spoilage issues have caused a safety risk as hundreds of pounds of game meat has begun to spoil.

Meat has been placed in a dump truck, but road damage has prevented safety officials from properly disposing the waste at the area's landfill.

Officials are concerned the meat will attract bears to the area.

Meanwhile, Alaska State Troopers say at least 11 homes in the Tok area have been flooded by rising river waters.

D O T officials say water began spilling over the Tok River banks Friday, onto a lane of the Alaska Highway at milepost 115.

extra culverts were installed to help with water drainage, but the flooding made a road maintained by affected residents impassable.