Flood relief

FAIRBANKS - To say this has been an unusual beginning to the summer would be an understatement.

Like many residents, The National Weather Service is also amazed by the rainfall totals that have been recorded up to now.

The July total so far is the 4th highest ever for that month, and there are still 23 days remaining.

Additionally, the total amount of rain that has fallen for June and July so far has exceeded the old record that was set back in 1949.

There is good news, however, as longer range outlooks do not show any major storms that could raise the river levels again.

John Lingaas from the National Weather says relief is on the way.

He told us "What we're seeing is the ridge of high pressure that's been rather elusive to us, is going to be moving back into Eastern Alaska a fair amount. It will be somewhat stronger, so, we'll look for relatively dryer conditions as well as warmer temperatures."