Flaharty wins Tour of Fairbanks 5 stage cylcling race

FAIRBANKS, AK-The Tour of Fairbanks cycling event concluded on Sunday with Tyson "The Hammer" Flaharty of Fairbanks winning his second Tour of Fairbanks crown. Flaharty, who raced for Goldstream sports came in a close second for this stage to Richard Tilton of Kaladi-Subway but had great runs in Thursday's hill climb and the time trail on the Steese Highway on Saturday morning to have the overall lead.

Flaharty kept pace with the other frontrunners on Sunday with a fifth place finish on the fifth stage. Flaharty completed the five stage Tour of Fairbanks in 7 hours, 30 minutes and 43 seconds. The runner up, John Sindell, cycling for the Chain Reaction out of Anchorage was a minute and 44 seconds behind.

Sheryl Loan cycling for the Kaladi-Subway team out of Anchorage was the women's overall winner.

Alisabeth Thurston-Hicks, of the ColoBikeLaw team, won the second the stage. She was also the top sprinter in the women's field and earned the Queen of the Hill award for her climbing feats.

Tilton, who won the second stage at the Speedway, was the sprint champion and James Stull was King of the Mountain.

At the end of the second stage Flaharty said it was good to hold down the fort for Fairbanks.

"It's really whose got the most left on the last day, there's some really big hills," Flaharty said. "A lot of good competition from Anchorage and a couple guys from Fairbanks and yeah it's good to represent when the out of towners get here."

Thurston-Hicks like the Tour of Fairbanks and plans to do more this year.

"I raced an awful lot in Colorado. I moved to Fairbanks a year ago and enjoyed participating in the Fairbanks races and hope to head to for the Tour Of Anchorage later this year," Thurston-Hicks said.