Five people detained in alleged assault on Lathrop High School student.

Five people were detained Wednesday in connection with an alleged incident involving an unidentified Lathrop High School student

and a firearm.

Just after 3p.m. a host of Fairbanks Police officers swarmed the area of Cowles Street near Airport Way.

According to City Police Sergeant Kurt Lockwood, the five individuals were located in a GMC Sport Utility vehicle, and a firearm was

found inside.

"The initial report we got were just two people were in the car were involved in this harassment threat involving a firearm," said Lockwood.

"But the time we pulled the car over, there were five individuals in it, but we did have the original complaint caller, who actually showed up to I.D. who was

in the incident. We did recover a firearm, and (at least) one subject is going to jail."

Of the five individuals, four were male, including one juvenile, and a female was involved as well.

Its not known what prompted the incident.