Firework Ban stands; Burn Suspension lifted, for now

The cool and wet conditions here in the Interior do help to allow fire teams to penetrate further into the fire however, according to the North Star Fire Department, that is only temporary relief.

This summer's record dry conditions have allowed many fires to spark up across the state.

A ban was placed on fireworks, which is still in effect today.

However, many Residents have wondered, is it safe to burn yet?

The answer, according to Fire Chief Jeff Tucker, is yes.

Although the conditions do change daily, small contained fires, small burn piles, and cooking fires are no longer suspended.

Tucker said, "The Fire Chiefs and the borough have been reevaluating the situation but currently while the weather is nice with a little bit of rain, we still have warming trends coming up next week and we are still waiting for the conditions to be such that we feel confident that by letting the fireworks ban be lifted that we're not be causing any problems within the Borough.”