Firefighters sent to Lower 48 due to slow season

FAIRBANKS - With near record rainfall, the Interior has seen little wildfire activity this season.

According to officials with the State Division of Forestry, this season has been one of the slowest with only two large wildfires in the state.

That cannot be said for those in the Lower 48 who have seen numerous fires in states such as Oregon, Washington, California, and more.

Roughly 250 fire service personnel, as well as aircraft and equipment, have been shipped to the states in need.

According to those with the Division of Forestry, there is still potential for flare ups but August usually marks the end of fire season in Alaska.

Sam Harrel, Public Information Officer with the State Division of Forestry said, "Rain has pretty much put an end to our season here in Alaska. We have potential for starts and a few dry areas around the state. But we really don't foresee anything growing like what we had go earlier in June with the Funny River Fire and the 100 mile creek fire outside of Delta."

Harrel said the division has "sent quite a few people out of state. They have had extreme fire behavior in the Northwest, they were losing homes and we needed to share the resources we weren't using to send people out there to those fires."