Fire season begins


Even though there were some showers around today, the environment is still prone to wild fires.

In the last couple of days there have been two fires that could have exploded if they hadn't been extinguished quickly.

The State Division of Forestry along with the Bureau of Land Management are keeping very vigilant as we approach the Memorial Day weekend.

The fire danger is still extremely high with plenty of dry grass and timber that could erupt into a major wildfire.

Forestry officials are asking the public to be careful this weekend.

Mike Goyette with the Division of Forestry says the public needs to be aware of where we are. 

"We live in the Boreal Forest, which is actually designed by Nature to burn.

So no matter what, we are going to have fires, and we need to learn how to be safe when we're out in the woods enjoying nature.

You know cleaning up around our homes and our yards our camps and cabins. You know how to be safe out there when we live in an environment that is designed to burn."