Filled and Grilled Mini Red Peppers


Mini bell peppers (as many as desired)
8 oz brick of cream cheese
3 Tablespoons of your favorite variety of Moosetard (I like Fairbanks Lager or Alder Smoked)

Prepare the peppers by cutting off the stems and taking out the seeds and ribs. Cut peppers in half if they are larger than a couple bites.

Mix softened cream cheese with mustard in a large zip top bag or mixed separately in a bowl and transfer into zip top bag.

Snip off corner of zip top bag and squeeze the bag in the same manner as a pastry bag. squeeze cream cheese mixture through the hole in the corner and into the peppers or pepper halves until full or to desired amount.

Place peppers on grill and cook until warm. This should take no more than a few minutes.

Optionally you can use fresh Jalapeno peppers and/or wrap with bacon.