Fighting Frankenfish

Widespread wariness towards Genetically Engineered salmon is building on Capitol Hill and in Alaska.

Even though some companies are pushing for genetically engineered fish, many are opposed for a number of reasons.

Alaska fears it could impact the states fishing industry.

Because of that, the state senate passed a resolution against the so called frankenfish .


Sen. Peter Micciche said "There are confirmed reports of Alaska fishermen catching farmed Atlantic salmon reared in Washington and British Columbia. The effects of the escape of a genetically modified salmon could have catastrophic effects.


In D. C. Friday, Senator lisa Murkowski co-sponsored legislation to require labeling of Genetically Engineered salmon - so that American consumers know exactly what they are eating.

That bill passed the Senate unanimously last  Friday.

Murkowski said "Require labeling of this genetically engineered fish, this fake fish. If you're going to be serving your family a good quality product, you want to know that its good and its quality. Allow us to label it.

In the lower 48 last week, three chain groc ery companies said they were never going to carry Frankenfish to sell.