Fiddle Fest


For the second year in a row, 10 highly talented musical artists will gather tomorrow night at the UAF Davis Concert hall for the "Fiddle Fest" fundraiser.

The concert will feature fiddlers, guitarists, dancers, and other acoustical performers from Canada, the United States, and here in Fairbanks.

The fundraiser is the idea of Andrew Cox, who says not only does the Fiddle Fest bring together an incredible array of musicians, but it also goes a long way toward providing support for local hospice services within the community.

Andy Co-ordinator for the event says the event has an even bigger purpose.

"The idea there's a whole bunch of reasons for doing so.

 One was to bring music to the community, educational opportunities for the kids, to expose them to a variety of different styles.

But also what we want to do with this is salute the efforts of all the volunteers over the years as well as encourage volunteer involvement in hospice.

So this year's proceeds for the concert will go to the volunteer services at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.