FEMA Assistance Update for Galena

FAIRBANKS- Public buildings and infrastructure in Old Town Galena will no longer qualify for federal aid because of their close proximity to the Yukon River and the increased risk of future flood damage. Officials with the Federal Emergency Management Agency say the decision ensures that FEMA funds will help Galena "grow stronger and safer for the future." Despite the withdrawal of aid for public infrastructure in Old Town, households still qualify for federal assistance. Public Information Officer with FEMA, Victor Inge, says there may be funding if the public infrastructure is moved to safer ground for example, to New Town.

Yesterday, there was also a change in the meal service offered by FEMA and the Salvation Army. After serving nearly 14,000 meals since beginning operations in Galena, The Salvation Army transferred meal preparation to Anchorage for the winter. Residents in Galena without cooking space will receive meals prepared by the Salvation Army's central kitchen and shipped by air. More than 500 frozen meals arrived in Galena yesterday, the first day of the new meal service. FEMA says Meal preparation and deliveries will continue through the winter, as long as residents need support. On any given day, survivors will be able to choose from a variety of nutritious, hearty meals, such as meatloaf with macaroni and cheese, pork roast or chili with corn bread.