FCVB announces name and logo change



Fairbanks, Alaska (AK) — The Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau (FCVB) announced that the organization will be doing business under the new trade name of Explore Fairbanks. After years of deliberation, the FCVB Board of Directors approved last October to make the change effective January 1, 2014. The official announcement was made today during the Seventh Annual Interior Tourism Conference.

According to FCVB President and CEO Deb Hickok, “The more succinct and contemporary name will assist in promoting the Fairbanks region in the competitive destination marketplace.” She added, “The FCVB already has brand equity in ‘Explore Fairbanks’ with nearly two decades of incorporating this term into the organization’s website and email addresses.”

The newly designed Explore Fairbanks logo incorporates graphics to symbolize the aurora borealis and midnight sun, two key natural phenomena that distinguish the Fairbanks region, including the Interior and the Arctic, from most destinations around the globe.

In order to be cost efficient, FCVB plans to gradually implement the change into marketing materials and promotions during the coming year. The bureau has retained the same federal tax identification number and non-profit corporate status. Legal documents will be executed under Fairbanks Conventions and Visitors Bureau dba Explore Fairbanks.