FBI Releases timeline of Serial Killer Israel Keyes

The FBI today released an in depth timeline on the travels of Serial Killer Israel Keyes.

According to FBI agents Keyes’ travels were extensive and cross country.

The reason behind the released timeline is to help identify more victims of Keyes.

At this point the FBI says that 11 victims have been confirmed by Keyes including a Vermont Couple and Anchorage Barista Samantha Koenig, whose murder led to Keyes’ capture in Texas.

His victims, according to FBI Officials spread across nearly 15 years and included both rape and murder. 

Also in the timeline are new details into Keyes’ methods which Keyes’ discussed with investigators before committing suicide in his jail cell in December of 2012.

The Newscenter spoke to FBI Special Agent Eric Gonzalez who said, “When it comes to Keyes, he really didn't have any preference when it comes to the victims. They were more victims of opportunity and it's the most comprehensive timeline to date.”

Regarding the timeline Gonzalez said, “It has everything that the FBI has and the reason we're releasing is in the hopes of identifying other possible victims of Keyes. At this point the investigation is 100% about locating victims and bringing some closure to some families out there."

Anyone information on Keyes or his crimes is asked to call the Bureau at 1–800–CALL–FBI.