Family members of Fairbanks burn victim unhappy with coroner's report.

The controversial, and suspicious death of a 59 year old Fairbanks man continues to make headlines.

Reached for comment on Friday, family members of Johnny Druck Wallis called the findings of a King County, Washington State medical examiner "frustrating."

The results of an autopsy released earlier this week say Wallis died of "thermal burns," but they were not able to say if the incident was accidental or if someone

intentionally set him on fire.

Wallis was found on fire at the downtown Fairbanks Post Office on New Years Day.

He died days later at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Wallis' sister, Velma Wallis, spoke to News Center 11 about the findings.

Expressing her frustration towards the case, she also says she doesn't expect a "quick fix" in resolving it.

"When Mayor (Jerry) Cleworth called me on Thursday, I thought he would have something to say," said Wallis. "But I guess we're just starting a rollercoaster

ride whether or not we're going to get information, I don't know. Listening to families that have been there, I realize this can be a long ordeal, which is disappointing."

The Fairbanks Police Department continues to investigate this case.

Anyone having information is asked to contact them at (907) 450-6500.