Family Friendly Workplace Awards

The "Family Friendly" workplace awards is the boroughs and Early Childhood Commission's way of  saying "thank you" to the employers of Fairbanks.

Today 6 more businesses were awarded certificates recognizing them for their efforts at providing assistance to their employees in balancing work and family life .

Those receiving awards included:

Kohler, Schmitt, and Hutchison, Northern Alaska Environmental Center, Thrive Alaska, UAF Developmental Office, UAF School of Education, and Warbelows Air Ventures.

Paige Vonderhaar, Chairwoman for the Early Childhood Commission, says this program is valuable to the employees and the employer.

"It's important to be family friendly because well family is very important and well it's difficult when employees are trying to balance work and life and when they find that difficult their not as good employees they might miss a lot of work the might seek different employment and they don't seem as loyal to their employers."