Family Friendly awards

The Fairbanks Northstar Borough oversees a unique program to bring recognition to employers for providing a "family friendly" workplace for their employees.

As part of their "early childhood" commission the borough allows employees to nominate their employers for annual awards.

Today six businesses were recognized for their "family friendly" work environment.

North Pole Veterinary, North Haven Communities, Alaska Center for Children and Adults, Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, UAF College of Rural and Community Development, and Ryan Middle school, were all named as this years recipients for the award.

Paige Vonder-Haar Chairman for the selection committe says this year saw even more nominees than in the past.

"I think that when businesses see other businesses receiving these awards they get excited.

They want the award too!

They want to be part of that.

And they want to be recognized for doing something good for the community.

I think it's really grown.

This year is the biggest response that we've ever had."