FairBikes Aims for New Mode of Transport

FAIRBANKS- A new business will create an alternative way for people to get around Fairbanks during the summer. It's called, FairBikes, which is a bike sharing program starting summer 2014. A bike share is a system where people can rent bikes placed around town and drop them off when they are done. Subscriptions may cost about 25 dollars per month, but the goal is to make the bikes affordable for everyone.This summer, the founders of FairBikes talked with people and showed off the prototype bike for the program,  the feedback has been positive.They plan to order 140 bikes and place them at 25 locations around town.  Founder, John Stowman says it’s fun and convenient  because the bikes are “within easy walking distance so you can pick up a bike and drop it off have another station not too far away.”