Fairbanks Woman Still Missing


It has been almost two weeks since family and friends have heard from missing 33 year old Fairbanks resident, Mary Ann Alexie.
According to Anchorage Police, Alexie traveled to Anchorage on October 9th in order to attend Alaska Career College to study in the field of Emergency Medical Technician.
Alexie had only been in Anchorage for 24 hours and was reported missing by friends after she phoned from Spenard saying she was quote, "lost, did not know how to get home, and scared."
Police confirmed she did arrive in Anchorage but has not been heard from since October 10th.
The Anchorage Police Department is still actively looking for any information regarding Alexie and her whereabouts.
Anyone with information is asked to phone Anchorage Police Department at 786–8900