Fairbanks woman and son treated for carbon monoxide poisoning

Last month, a Fairbanks mother and son were undergoing treatment in Anchorage to deal with the long–term effects of carbon monoxide poisoning they suffered at her job site in December.

The exercise may sound simple, but for 43 year old Christina Basile, it's a challenge she faces everyday

Christina's husband Cord says the carbon monoxide exposure occurred over a long period of time at her place of employment.

She said "you have some symptoms, you don't quite feel right it's still having headaches, but, as time went on, things started changing."

This has been her routine for over six weeks, since she and her son began receiving hyper baric oxygen therapy


Dr. Nancy Greenwell, medical director of the American Hyperbaric Center in Anchorage, said "By using hyperbaric oxygen, you are super saturating your system with oxygen and its basically driving off the carbon monoxide in the red blood cells."


The family used to be very active and enjoyed skiing, riding snow machines and motorcycles. These days, Cord has become the 24 hour caretaker for his wife and son.


He said "I'm with them every day, 24 hours a day I am the caretaker for them. It has turned what was a normal life completely upside down."