Fairbanks shooting victim sentenced in sex abuse case.

A 20 year old Fairbanks man, who was nearly killed in a late July, 2012 shooting, has pleaded guilty to a sex abuse charge that occurred five months prior.

During a scheduled hearing Wednesday in Fairbanks Superior Court, Devante Woods pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of Attempted Second Degree Sexual Abuse of a Minor.

As part of a plea deal with State prosecutors, Woods will serve three years in jail, and must register as a sex offender for 15 years.

He was also put on probation for 10 years.

According to court records, Woods engaged in sexual contact with a young girl between 13 and 15 years of age back in February, 2012.

Records say Woods and the girl, identified as "M.F." began communicating via text messages, which eventually led to a single sexual encounter.

During hearings Wednesday, the victim's father, who participated via telephone, told Woods he had "hoped it wouldn't have come to this, and that he hopes he (Woods) gets help."

Woods was indicted on an initial charge of Second Degree Sexual Abuse of a Minor as he recovered from gunshot wounds sustained in a shooting in Hamilton Acres.

He is still receiving treatment for his injuries, prompting Judge Michael MacDonald to delay Woods' remand date until May 21st.

But not before chastising Woods for behavior that's led him to this point.

"Young man, it's time to stop this bad behavior," said MacDonald. "You've got a bullet in your belly, you were nearly killed, and now you're going away to jail on

a sex abuse conviction. It's up to you to change."

Woods' Public Defender Jennifer Hite countered, saying Woods is a "youthful offender that still has a chance to change for the better.'

"He (Woods) is a victim too" said Hite. "In addition to the injuries he sustained, that nearly killed him, he's going to jail for the next three years,

all over an encounter that lasted about an hour."

Authorities say they do not believe the shooting was tied to the abuse case.