Fairbanks Resource Agency to host Safety-Care for Families workshop

FAIRBANKS, Ak -- Care givers who attend to the needs of those with developmental disabilities, brain injury or psychiatric illness often have specialized training to address all interaction.

The same is not always true for family members of behaviorally–challenged children or adults.

The Fairbanks Resource Agency is offering a one day Safety Care for Families workshop to help families gain skills needed to prevent, minimize or manage potentially dangerous incidents while caring for their loved ones.

Conducted by Quality Behavioral Solutions, Incorporated, the work–shop will take place Saturday, August 4.

QBS has offered similar programs to train hospitals, schools and other support agencies, but family training has just recently been offered.

"Only recently, in the last couple of years, have they developed, by popular demand, a program geared towards families, so if you have children in a home setting, you as a parent, or other family or care–giver would have the tools to manage that behavior safely and effectively," says Eva Norwood, Community Development Director for F.R.A.