Fairbanks Rescue Mission to host 1st Annual "Run for Shelter."

Tomorrow the Fairbanks Rescue Mission will be partnering with the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association to bring the 1st annual Poker Run for Shelter to the Interior.

The Poker Run will be a motorcycle event that will begin at 10:30am Saturday near the Outpost Parking Lot at the Harley Shop and make numerous stops in town to help support the homeless population of Fairbanks.

Last year, the Fairbanks Rescue Mission served over 73 thousand meals and approximately 42 thousand bed nights spread out to help more than 1 thousand homeless people here in Fairbanks alone.

This event not only will assist those in need but it will help to bring awareness to the problem.

Executive Director of the Fairbanks Rescue Mission, Rodney Gaskins said, "Homelessness is not our problem it's a community problem. So when the community comes together to support our citizens or the people who fell off the grid, it's really important to make them realize that the community hasn't forgotten them.”

He continued about the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association saying, “Once the Veterans got together, it was just different generations of veterans coming together like they were old Army buddies or military buddies and it's the same thing with this group that's coming to support the rescue mission. Our veterans here they feel that they are a part of this community so the veterans are living out that creed that we never leave anyone behind."