Fairbanks remembers firefighters

If you've noticed a line of purple balloons attached to the fence across from Fred Meyer West.

They're not advertising a Garage Sale or a new business.

Rather it's a tribute.The balloons were put up over the weekend anonymously to remember the 19 fire fighters who were killed last week fighting a fire in Arizona.

Each balloon is accompanied by a photo and short narrative about the individual.

The balloons and photos will remain through tomorrow when the memorial celebration will take place in Arizona.Martin Maricle with the Division of forestry says the memorial is very powerful.

"The balloons and pictures of the fallen firefighters that were recently killed in Arizona that was put up there Saturday, at the same time the memorial flag was being taken all over the state for signatures at all of our fire offices throughout the state.Suddenly the memoriam appeared with the pictures and the balloons and it has photographs of each of the fallen firefighters from the hotshot crew.

So it's really quite a moving monument that somebody put up on their own."