Fairbanks Police still investigating early morning Wedgewood shooting

Fairbanks Police are still investigating an early morning shooting that sent two to the hospital in critical condition.

According to Police little can be revealed at this time regarding the circumstances surrounding the shootout however they did confirm both alleged suspects in the case were young males and the possible motive could be drug related.

Police say multiple rounds were fired inside the hotel part of the Wedgewood Manor "M" building; multiple stray rounds even went into an adjacent room that was vacant at the time.

Peyton Merideth, Detective with the Fairbanks Police Department says, "It was a shooting that occurred inside of an apartment complex two people were shot it's lucky that no one got killed.  One of the individuals was shot multiple times. So in this case we were able to contact everyone involved in a relatively short period of time, we were able to collect all of the guns used and they are in our possession.”

Both of the males sent to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital are expected to make a full recovery although they are in critical condition.

Police say they are working closely with the District Attorney's Office toward a possible Grand Jury.