Fairbanks Police say they cannot confirm abduction attempt

Fairbanks Police Department Detectives have been following up on a report of an attempted abduction outside of Barnes and Noble on Saturday.

According to the witness, a man of "Asian Descent" was seen coaxing the toddler out of the store and down the street when he intervened.

Fairbanks Police Detectives working on the case say, they obtained surveillance footage and clearly the toddler exited the store on her own.

They also say that there was a group of Japanese Tourists in the store at that time and an Asian man was leaving the store at the same time, but not paying attention to the young child.

There was another report of a possible attempted abduction by an Asian Male in the Hamilton Acres area.

The person who reported this incident said the man appeared to be taking photos of the children in the yard.

According to Fairbanks Police, he was taking pictures of the cat in the yard.

The case is still under investigation.