Fairbanks Police locate suspect in second hit-and-run

Police have located the suspect from the second hit-and-run in Fairbanks that happened late Friday Evening.

Although the suspect's name has not yet been released due to the ongoing investigation, he has been identified as a 38-year-old white male and resident of Fairbanks.

According to Sgt. Doug Welborn with the Fairbanks Police Department, an Officer found the vehicle that matched the description given by the 9-year-old boy around the same area the accident occurred last evening.

Officers stopped the vehicle for a moving equipment violation; during the traffic stop and questioning he admitted to being involved in the hit-and-run saying quote, “I could not sleep over that.”

He stated that he got out of his vehicle to make sure the boy was 'OK' and only left the scene after he was sure that he was.

He was not arrested after the stop; the investigation into the case is continuing.