Fairbanks Police Department speaks to Newscenter regarding rumors at Lathrop High School

Rumors at Lathrop High School have been circulating via social media, texts, and word of mouth.

 Both Parents and Students have contacted the Fairbanks Police Department and this week the FPD increased their presence at the school due to both the rumors and the increased violence.

The Newscenter spoke to Fairbanks Police Officer and Lathrop High School Resource Officer Adams today who said;

"Most of the issues that were brought up involving race issues and things like what were through the social media system almost to create more of a frenzy in the system. Again, none of it backed up by any of the investigation. It created a social media and texting frenzy amongst the students that then circulated amongst the student body about supposed future incidents. Each of these leads were followed up on, investigated. We were never able to determine any specifics as to who, when, where, anything like that. We're working through every avenue that we can to maximize safety of the students at the school. We will continue to investigate any of the reports that we get and as always student  safety is a priority to us and we will do everything that we recently can to prevent any kind of incidents as we always do."

He also added the fact that in light of this situation, students should be reminded of what "appropriate social media posting" is and how to do so. At this point, the Fairbanks Police Department continues to monitor the situation.