Fairbanks North Star Borough School District still investigating School Bus Safety Concerns


FAIRBANKS, Ak - Concerns regarding operations and business practices for the contracted school bus service for the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District are being investigated according to Superintendent Pete Lewis.

Lewis updated school board members this week of what is being done after several employees of the school bus service company, First Student, contacted the school district with their concerns.

Drivers, mechanics and others testified on safety and mechanical defect issues as well as understaffing issues with the bus service company.

Lewis says he is working in cooperation with First Student management and has tapped a retired Department of Motor Vehicles supervisor, Bob Koslick, for help.

"Probably a couple more weeks before we'll be ready to kind of roll out with report about that, but we're trying to follow up on all those pieces and ensure that the appropriate procedures are in place," says Pete Lewis.  "We have to have  a way to follow up and make sure that it's staying in place and addressing any issues that need to be addressed."