Fairbanks nabs top-ten ranking for travel destinations

Fairbanks is receiving national attention as a travel destination thanks to a recently published travel guide story.

Leading travel guide publisher and website Lonely Planet presented their annual Top 10 U.S Destinations today.

Fairbanks, Alaska was selected as the number two location on the list. Fairbanks was named to the prestigious list primarily due to the aurora borealis, coinciding with the peak of an 11-year solar cycle which is producing impressive northern lights displays.

FCVB officials say being included in such a high-profile publication is helping promote Fairbanks as a tourism destination.

"Fairbanks is a long bit known as an excellent destination to view the aurora," said Amy Geiger, Director of Communications at FCVB. "For a publication such as Lonely Planet which is worldwide and very significant in the travel industry world is quite an honor. We love being recognized as a location on the globe to view the aurora."