Fairbanks Man travels almost 2,000 miles on his bike; Is set to arrive home in Fairbanks this afternoon

One Fairbanks man is racking up the miles and not on his vehicle.

Billy Koitzch has ridden his fat tire bike almost 2 thousand miles this winter.

His mileage began at the start of the original Iditarod Trail, the Knick Roadhouse February 21st and made it to Nome by March 17th.

He then followed the Iron Dog Trail from Nome to Fairbanks, leaving March 19th.

Today, he will be arriving in Fairbanks from Tanana.

So far on his journey he has pushed through subzero temps, winds up to 50 miles per hour, and across the frozen Bering Sea.

Koitzch says he wants to inspire the next generation of Alaskan kids to get out there and have an Alaskan adventure.

The Newscenter spoke to his wife, Erica Koitzch who says she is very excited to see her husband return this afternoon.

Koitzch is on his way to Fairbanks at this time and is set to arrive at Pike’s Landing.