Fairbanks man takes second place in Valdez Silver Salmon Derby

A Fairbanks man took second place in the 2013 Valdez Silver Salmon Derby.

Vern Carlson of Fairbanks caught a 16.72 pound Silver on August 19th.

This was the leading fish until August 28 when Michael Freerksen of Valdez caught a Silver Salmon that weighed in only point 2 ounces above Carlson.

Carlson said, the best thing to do for all those fishing in Valdez, is to make sure to participate in the derby.

Carlson said, "I think that it helps stimulate others that normally wouldn't go out, for example, fish. Of course some dummies out there I think that probably caught a fish bigger than mine. I know one day someone did but they forgot, gosh I feel sorry for them, they forgot to take out one of those tickets for the Salmon Derby. Therefore I came in second as opposed to first and I came in second and they didn't come in at all."