Fairbanks man strikes plea deal in 2011 patricide.

A 21 year old Fairbanks man has reached a plea deal in the 2011 stabbing death of his father.

During hearings early Thursday morning, Blair Lawless pleaded guilty to a single count of

Second Degree Murder.

Lawless will receive a 45 year prison term when he is sentenced July 18 in front of Fairbanks

Superior Court Judge Douglas Blankenship.

According to Alaska State Troopers, Lawless stabbed his father, 60 year old Melvin Lawless,

after an apparent argument between father and son.

They say the younger Lawless then took a picture of the deceased man using his cell phone

camera, and placed the body of the elder Lawless in crawl space.

Troopers say he would later show the picture to a close friend.

Authorities were altered after Melvin Lawless had been declared missing by other family


His body was found almost two weeks after he had been killed.

After an intense manhunt, Blair Lawless was apprehended in Anchorage.

During a brief "Change of Plea" hearing, Lawless was visibly upset with the plea agreement,

voicing his frustrations to Public Defender's Jennifer Hite and Justin Racette.

But given an opportunity to postpone the hearing for a later date by Blankenship, Lawless said

he "wanted to just get it over with."

"I heard the D.A. wants to get the case over and done with as quick as possible so the victims

can have closure," said Lawless. "That's fine with me too. I just want to get this all over with,

so I can get on down the road."