Fairbanks man indicted after allegedly invading home and assaulting victim

A Fairbanks man has been indicted by a Grand Jury on multiple charges after allegedly punching and threatening a woman while trespassing inside of her residence.

45-year-old Donald Michael Joseph was indicted on several charges: including 2 counts of kidnapping, burglary in the first degree, and third degree felony assault in connection with the July 10th incident.

Court documents reveal the victim's mother stated Joseph and three other men invaded their unlocked home in the early morning hours, claiming they were part of a group called the "Native Brotherhood."

Joseph asked where the woman's daughter was, and when he found her inside of the home, he punched her in the face and threatened to stab her.

The unidentified victim told authorities she and Joseph had a sexual relationship in the past.

Trial for his case is set for September.