Fairbanks man arrested in connection with multiple burglaries, theft, and fleeing from authorities

Alaska State Troopers have arrested a man in connection with multiple burglaries, theft, and fleeing from authorities.

36-year-old Brandon Barron of Fairbanks was arrested last week after a traffic stop by Troopers.

A warrant was issued for his arrest earlier this month after Barron allegedly stole gas from a parked car; He then fled the scene and later forced entry into another home where he stole multiple items including firearms and a snow machine.

Trooper Spokeswoman Megan Peters said, "This is a case where we put a great effort into finding the man when we had the initial report but there are times we aren't able to get them right away. The investigation, gave us good information, and we were able to identify the person and through good traffic enforcement is really how this guy was contacted.”

She continued, “ A lot of times we make a lot of big cases through traffic stops; whether it is intercepting drugs being trafficked in Alaska or coming into contact with people who have very serious charges brought against them."

Barron was arraigned in Fairbanks District Court January 24th, a hearing for his case is set for February 3rd.