Fairbanks International Airport taken over by surprise "Flash Mob"

Proposing to your loved one has always been a little bit stressful!

How to do it? Where to do it?

Well, for one Fairbanksan, the bigger, the better.

It was a quiet New Year's Eve at the Fairbanks International airport that is until.... A full flash mob with over 50 people broke into dance for a night two will surely not forget.

Friend and fellow organizer Jentry McWhorter said, "We have been planning this for months and months, we have a secret Facebook page, we all talk and communicate, everyone has come together sound, lights, dancers."

As inconspicuous as it seemed walking in, the airport was fully equipped with lights on huge stands, a sound system, LIVE singers, and more than 50 dancers with choreographed moves.

It was a full show with lights hanging from the ceiling, live singers, dancers, sound, it totally transformed the Airport.

The reason for the flash mob was a proposal and an enormous projector Skyped in loved ones who couldn't be there to see it in person.

McWhorter said, "We have our technical group, Chad and Christine they have Skype going over here on the wall which is really awesome with their family from Kansas and Anchorage who couldn't be here."

As unique as this proposal was, so is the one who put it all on. Jay Howe, a former professional Disney dancer and local instructor who, as you can see, has many people who say, they wanted to help him make this night one to remember.

"He is a special person, a great dancer; choreographer and teacher so fabulous definitely describe him. And the community coming together to support Jay and Jon really shows that love conquers all."

In the end... onlookers stood in awe as only one word could describe this Flash Mob according to friends and family, "A fabulous show! Fabulous is the word.... Spectacular!!"