Fairbanks girls prep hockey awaits decisions from Anchorage

FAIRBANKS-According to the Anchorage Daily News the Scotty Gomez Hockey Association recently agreed to a three year deal to run girls hockey in the Anchorage School District as an outsourced activity. The ASD eliminated girls hockey last spring because of lack of players but will help in a limited capacity this year and for this year only.

The Scotty Gomez Hockey Association will aid in scheduling ice time, fundraising and other duties. All the ASD will do is help with ice time and providing officials after this year, if there is one, girls hockey will be on its own.

However, girls hockey in Fairbanks is growing with the Icebreakers girls hockey club program that has over 100 players from ages 6-18.

Last year the Arctic Bears of Fairbanks, partner Icebreakers program, went undefeated (23-0-1) and won the first Alaska High School Invitational Tournament.

But the girls high school hockey season depends on how things work out in Anchorage. They will be a meeting in Anchorage tonight to address some issues. Lynn Thompson, president of the Alaska Girls and Women's Hockey in Fairbanks, revealed the obstacles.

"Right now we don't know length of season, when the season will start, we're not even sure if Anchorage will let Fairbanks or out of Anchorage School District teams to participate. Until we get an idea on what kind of season they're looking at it's hard for us to plan on how we're going to move forward," Thompson said.

Thompson also said that the process is running late.

"Right now we're behind. Usually high school is all set in place, people have their schedules already made and right now we have none of that."

For now the Fairbanks high school girls hockey community will have to wait and see.

"We're optimistic that there's going to be a season this year. We're kind of waiting to see what comes out of the Anchorage School District and then if we can model a program that can fit into what they bring forward," Thompson said.