Fairbanks Community Food Bank serves thousands

The Fairbanks Community Food Bank serves tens of thousands of Interior Residents throughout the year.

It takes thousands of hours and a large number of volunteers to keep the non-profit organization going.

During the holidays the food bank served over 8 thousand families and received countless donations from the community and local businesses.

For 2014 the organization is still in need of items and people to help keep it operating as an estimated 18 hundred volunteers spent over 20 thousand hours last year alone providing assistance to those in need.

Executive Director Samantha Kirstein says there are ways people can help and it’s all up to them, "The wonderful part of the food bank is there are three things that we need, we need volunteers, we need cash, and we need food. So it's pretty much whatever people enjoy doing. Sometimes families come and they do all three, they bring cash and their kids spend time volunteering, and they bring canned foods or do canned food drives."

The Fairbanks Community Food Bank is located on 725 26th Ave # 101.