Fairbanks Community Food Bank

Tis the season for giving, and no one gives more to the needy in the Fairbanks area than the folks at the Fairbanks Community Food Bank, along with their staff of volunteers.Today the food bank was the scene of hundreds of volunteers forming human assembly lines to stuff boxes with turkeys, vegetables, cakes, pies, and other assorted foods to make a complete Thanksgiving dinner for the needy.




Anne Weaver with the Food Bank says the process to get to this point involves a lot of coordination and logistics to insure that local churches have food boxes ready to give to the needy. ""So in order for us to get the boxes over the First Presbyterian in Fairbanks, and Order of Life Lutheran in North Pole we have a bunch of steps.

First is months of preparation of collecting the food, collecting the donor dollars which are specifically to buy the food.

Then what we do is we spend months of sorting, preparing, organizing everything. Starting Monday we started packing the potatoes, the carrots, the root vegetables.

Yesterday we started packing other boxes, and today we're packing here, driving them over to the churches, and they've got all of their volunteers that are in the distribution."