Fairbanks Community Behavioral Health Center Transfers Clients

FAIRBANKS- The Fairbanks Community Behavioral Health Center will pursue Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The board of directors made the decision Friday, and the organization will end operations September 13, but client services will continue smoothly. They will transfer staff, clients, and the Cushman Street property to a new company called the Fairbanks Community Mental Health Service. While the new company will care for clients, FCBHC will find ways to pay off their debt, which is 1.2 million dollars.  Interim Executive Director of FCBHC, Jake Poole says the new company is part of an Anchorage agency, but it will be managed locally. "The organization here will be a Fairbanks Operation, it will have a staff, it will have a director, it will have all the pieces and parts that they have now, but the services, the continuation of services, the quality of services will all stay the same. It will be run out of Fairbanks," Poole said.