Fair theme

Even though the Tanana Valley State Fair will not kick off for another 5 months, activity around the fairgrounds is picking up lately.

Tonight the General Manager for the Tanana Valley State announced to the public this years catch phrase.

"Salmonchanted Evening" will be adorning shirts, posters, and other items to advertise the biggest summer event for the interior.

Also it was announced that thanks to a $750,000 dollar grant from the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA, the fairground's walkways and midway will be asphalt covered.

But everyone agreed this years unique phrase will be on everyone's mind come August. Jill Fallin General Manager for the Tanana Valley Fair says the process for developing a new theme was quite simple.

"How this came about was they went to the community to get different ideas for the theme for this years fair.

And a local artist had come in to the office one day and gave a really good idea.

One of the ideas was put on a list that was put on our face book page, and it was voted on by the community.

So the one that was chosen that we will be unveiling tonight is the one that had won that contest."